was born in 1986 in Duesseldorf, Germany. Growing up in a musical family, young XENIA demonstrated exceptional musical talent, starting her first band at the age of 11. By the time she was 14 years old, XENIA was already doing studio work, where she discovered her love of songwriting and catching the attention of major producers.

Princess XENIA*s introduction to a larger audience arrived when she was selected for the 2005 Popstars TV show, followed by an starring role on the Pro7 reality show “DIE BURG (the Castle)”. Her newfound celebrity lead to over 50 television appearances on shows with themes ranging from fashion and travel to celebrities and music. XENIA’s first international television success came with UNDERCOVER PRINCESS on BBC3 which broke ratings records in the UK and was syndicated around the world. Her autobiography “Xenia – Aus dem Leben einer Prinzessin im 21. Jahrhundert (from the life of a Princess in the 21st Century)” became a best seller in German speaking countries.

Although XENIA’s musical career took a temporary backseat to her television career, she continued writing and singing live whenever possible and sought actively the right producers to bring her body of work to the world. She found the producers she had been looking for in Berlin moving there to work exclusively with MESANIC MUSIC lead by legendary producer Montana Beats and tandem with BMG. Together, they are completing her debut album.