Together with Yann Ulrich from Ötesinde we produced the HY Opera Theme Song. The next generation transmedia 3D Opera premieres in 2016.

The Theme Song comes with lyrics from Mesanic Hit-writers, Adam Kesselhaut and Paul Horschel on a Montana Beats Producer Team Production. For more Infos click here!

HY Opera is a transmedia avant-garde artwork created by the French artist Yann Ulrich.

HY is a saga of social science-fiction about Evolution and Audacity, a space opera in 12 episodes on 12 media (opera, feature film, video game, graphic novel, TV series, concept album, internet works, novel, live games) featuring first-of-a-kind interactive narration.

The pivotal work of the saga HY is HY Opera, an electro digital dance opera, nominated by the Contemporary Opera Berlin in 2008 to its international contest Operare, that will tour 55 cities in 24 countries for 6 years from 2016 to 2022 with its touring opera house.
Since 2005, the transmedia saga HY has received the help of more than 200 helpers and the support of artistic institutions such as the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK), the Contemporary Opera Berlin and Tacheles.

HY Saga has been raised during 10 years by those 25 world experts, investing more than 60 000 hours to imagine artistically independently, beyond any marketing circuit, a new generation of mass entertainment, digital, interactive, relevant and social. Ulrich and his collective have the ambition to redefine the concept of total work of art ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, of which the opera is now a central part of a broader interactive narration covering all media.

This work initiated in 2005 and planed till 2022, brought Ulrich to collaborate with numerous international artists, skilled in a ground from mix of arts and disciplines (Cirque du Soleil, Opéra de Paris, MTV Music Awards, Berliner Philharmoniker, Academy Awards Winner, VFX for The Dark Knight, Fight Club, Life of Pi, concept artist for Inglourious Basterds, Cloud Atlas, M: I-III ; builder of the biggest show of the world in Macao House of Dancing Water; choreographer for the Universal Expo Hannover and the FIFA WorldCup 2006…), including the German choreographer Storm (de), the Kazakh production designer Erwin Prib (de), the French VFX director Pierre Buffin and his company BUF, the German concept artist Axel Eichhorst, the British composer Tim Exile, the German-Turkish composer Taner Kalak with whom he forms the electronic duo Ötesinde, the French touch band Mellow, the French countertenor Christophe Villa (de), the French transportable opera house builder Benoît Probst, the Swedish technical director Peter Mankowski, the French scriptwriter Alaric Perrolier, the French creative director in sound design Bruno Toussaint and the French philosopher Philippe Lacour.



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